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Student Hero Award Program

Be a Student Hero

Click the flag to make a confidential report.

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If this is an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Volusia County Schools has recently developed a new proactive initiative called the Student Hero Award. This new program was designed to recognize students who come forward to report information that may impact the safety of our students, faculty, and staff on campus.
Students can privately report concerning information to School Administrators, SRO/SRD/Law Enforcement (911), School Guardian, or to the Security Operations Center by calling 855-4VC-Kids.
If the information provided leads to stopping any illegal, criminal or unsafe activity or prevents a threat from being carried out the student will be rewarded with gift cards to their favorite locations. These gift cards are purchased with donations from local business partners who believe in our proactive approach of rewarding students for providing information that will help support safer schools. We encourage students to immediately report information of any illegal, criminal or unsafe activity on campus or at school-sponsored events, threats to harm self or others, drugs/alcohol on campus, and bullying. It’s important to note, recognition is kept private to protect the identity of our Student Heroes.