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School Guardians

Fallen Heroes

picture of Steven Copsidas
Steven Copsidas
Guardian, Horizon Elementary

 After the tragedy in Parkland, FL, statutory language (Senate Bills 70267030, and the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program) mandated a Safe School Officer on every campus. In Volusia County, School Guardians, School Resource Officers/Deputies (SROs/SRDs) are assigned to the district's elementary, middle, and high schools.

What is a School Guardian?

The difference between a law enforcement officer and a School Guardian is that guardians do not have arrest authority and are employees of the school district. Guardians have undergone extensive background checks, drug testing, a psychological screening, 132 hours of training with the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, 12 hours of diversity training, and another 12 hours of training on security in schools and strategies for dealing with students.

School Guardian Job Role

School Guardians are highly visible, providing security and surveillance to school campuses, parking lots and grounds. Duties include responding to emergency situations, assisting administration and law enforcement with threat assessments, and investigating suspicious activities. School Guardians respond to security-related concerns and issues while striving to build positive relationships with all stakeholders.