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District Safety & Security Update

Volusia County Schools is committed to the safety and security of students and staff. Some of the ways we ensure a safe learning and working environment for our community include emergency plans, regular drills and exercises, site security assessments, infrastructure improvements, and visitor management. We also utilize video surveillance on school buses and on campus. All our public schools are staffed with trained personnel like School Resource Officers/Deputies (SROs/SRDs) and School Guardians to keep our campuses safe and secure. The district also works in close partnership with our local law enforcement agencies to ensure readiness.

School Year 2023-2024

  • School Guardians, SROs and SRDs serve on all Volusia County School campuses.
  • Active use of the FortifyFL reporting app, promoted on every campus, and installed on all district computers, websites, and devices.
  • Continued investments in security cameras, fencing (single point of entry in all schools), access controls (storefronts, door locking bars), and visitor management systems (RAPTOR), among other security measures.
  • Continuous review and update of school board policies to incorporate best practices identified by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission (MSDHS).