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Visit Meal Viewer to see our menus with nutritional and allergen information.  Meal Viewer does not work in Internet Explorer.  Please use a different browser.

Our menus are planned and analyzed by our registered dietitian for calories, fat, and sodium by age group.  We comply with all nutritional requirements from the USDA and the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


We must offer at least one whole-grain serving, one cup of fruit, and milk for breakfast.  We are also permitted to offer a protein serving.  Students are required to select three items and one of them must be at least ½ cup of fruit. Our juice counts as a fruit serving because it is 100% fruit juice.


We must offer five food groups at lunch:  protein, milk, whole-grains, fruit, and vegetables.  Students are required to select menu items from three of the five groups and one of the three must be at least ½ cup fruit or ½ cup vegetable.  Students are not required to select an entrée or milk.

After School Meals (Supper)

Students enrolled in an after-school enrichment program, such as the Extended Day Enrichment Program, after school clubs and athletics, and tutoring programs  are eligible for a meal at participating schools.  Supper meals follow nutritional guidelines similar to our lunch guidelines.  

Menu Fun Facts

  • We serve only low-fat unflavored milk and fat-free flavored milk specially formulated for schools.
  • All juice is 100% fruit juice or a combination of 100% fruit and 100% vegetable juice
  • At least 80% of our weekly grain servings are whole-grain.
  • We serve food from national brands such as Tyson, Welch’s, Kellogg’s, Rich’s, and Pillsbury that are specially formulated for school meals.
  • Our canned fruit is packed in juice or light syrup.
  • We serve a variety of fresh fruit. 
  • We serve a variety of fresh and frozen (not canned!) vegetables.  
  • We serve vegetables from the dark green, starchy, red/orange, legumes, and ‘other’ categories weekly.
  • We count calories, fat grams, and sodium to comply with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.
  • None of our items contain added trans-fat.
  • Students have a choice of at least two entrées daily.