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Interactive Maps

The interactive maps below provide snapshots of what’s going on in Volusia County Schools. Clickable icons provide information on ongoing projects, data, and other various information about Volusia County Schools.

Construction Projects Tracking 

The tracking report shows the status of ongoing projects across the district. The report is updated following each School Board meeting. 

Construction Projects Tracking Interactive Map

List of all construction projects 

School Attendance Boundaries

This interactive map shows the location of each Volusia County public school and corresponding attendance boundaries. Use this map to look for your student's zoned school.

How to use the map:

  1. Click on one of the tabs for the elementary, middle, or high school levels (located at the top of the screen on your computer or at the bottom of the screen on your tablet).
  2. To find your zoned school, type your home address in the Search bar (click on the magnifying glass icon to expand). 
  3. Click on the map for more school information, including address and other contact information.

Please note that the maps are for illustrative purposes only. All data is subject to change.

School Attendance Boundaries interactive map

School Concurrency Map

The school board reviews applications for school concurrency for a final development order considered by each local government in Volusia County to determine if adequate school capacity, based on adopted levels of service for public schools within concurrency service areas, will be available at the time impacts from new developments require services.

The school concurrency map contains information, among others, about what schools are affected by the new residential development; the potential number of students that may be generated at each school level (reserved capacity); and the expiry of the concurrency certificate, if adequate capacity exists to serve the proposed development.

This map shows our communities how growth in their neighborhoods impact district schools.

VCS Development Reservations Map

For questions regarding these maps, please contact:

David German
Planning & GIS Specialist
Extension 50754

James Roberts
Planning & GIS Technician
Extension 50802