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SagesGov Online Permitting

Volusia County Schools now offers an online portal SagesGov for all building permitting needs.

How will this impact the current permitting process? Volusia County Schools Building & Inspection Department has transitioned to a paperless process. Permits, Plan Reviews, and Inspections will occur on this new online portal named SagesGov. Legacy PermitsLegacy permits can be identified by the permit number. All permits issued in 2023 (23-XXX) or earlier will be considered legacy permits.

If you have a Legacy Permit that is still open, all documents submitted throughout that permit's lifecycle will need to be physically transmitted (Plans, RFIs, Additional Submittals etc.). Inspections must be requested on the Forms & Inspections Requests page via the Inspection Request Form. 

Logging into the system for the first timePrequalified Contractors will need to sign up for an account with their email in order to access the system to apply for a permit to work at a Volusia County Schools facility. Contractors should sign up for a "Company Account" to submit permits under their respective company. Once the Volusia County Schools Building Department reviews and approves your access request, you will receive an email notifying you of the approval. You can then log in using your username and password. 

Anyone designated as a Company Administrator has the rights to add other users within their own organization to also be listed

Architects and Engineers will not need to sign up to access the system. For any questions reach out to the Building Department. 
Required Permit Documents
All documents must be uploaded as an unlocked/unprotected PDF. Documents names should match to the item that is being uploaded. Depending on the scope of the project the documents required will vary. Prior to your submission reach out to the Building Department if you have any questions or need clarification

  1. Authorized Agent Form - The Authorized Agent Form is required to be filled out. This is a fillable form, type out the project details and then print the form out. This form must be wet signed by the qualifier (license holder) to authorize and designate an Authorized Agent. The Authorized Agent will submit required documents in order to pull a permit under the qualifier's license. 
  2. Certificates of Insurance (COI) - Must provide the same limits that are in your owner-contractor agreement. Florida Building Code Building (FBCB) Section 105.3.5. Be sure to attach clear copies of your Florida Contractor license and the Original Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance Certificates. If you are subcontracting work, Certificates of Insurance of the subcontractor should also be uploaded. All Certificates must show that the School District is the certificate holder. An example of an acceptable COI: School District of Volusia County, 200 N. Clara Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720. Be sure to label the file clearly to make the distinction for each company. 
  3. Florida Contractor License - Applicants must include their Florida Contractor License Number per Florida Building Code Building Section 105 Permits. If you are subcontracting work, Florida Contractor Licenses of the subcontractor should also be uploaded. Licenses must be current; an expired license will not be accepted. Be sure to label the file clearly to make the distinction for each company. 
  4. Purchase Order - Volusia County School District Purchase Order shall accompany the permit application for the associated construction.
  5. Site Plan - A site plan must be submitted with the permit application per Florida Building Code Building (FBCB) Section 107.2. This should be a top-down view of the location. Site Plans should display the name of the school/facility where work is going to be completed. An example of an acceptable Site Plan is an Aerial image of the school with the school's name clearly visible and areas of construction labeled.
  6. Construction Documents - Construction Documents will vary per project. Examples of Construction Documents: Drawings, Product Data, Scope of work. Construction Drawings shall be uploaded by trade and must follow digital signature requirements outlined below. 

Construction Documents and Drawing RequirementsAny Construction Documents that have been prepared by an Architect or Engineer and are being submitted must be digitally signed and sealed with third party certification. 

  • Digital Signatures are independently validated signatures placed on a document by somebody to approve the document in its current state. If changes are made to the document after the digital signature is placed, the status of the signature changes.
  • An important distinction between digital signatures and electronic signatures is that the latter are not validated for authenticity. An electronic signature is simply an electronic representation of somebody's autograph; a digital signature contains a unique digital ID to verify its authenticity.

The following "text box" shall be in the digital signature of a digitally signed, sealed, and dated construction document drawings, specifications, or delegated design submittals.

Exact "text box" language:

"This item has been digitally signed and sealed by [NAME] on the date adjacent to the seal. Printed copies of this document are not considered signed and sealed and the signature must be verified on any electronic copies."

The text box must be in the digital signature with the seal in the dedicated space on the Title Block, and adjacent to the seal on the specifications, table of contents by design discipline. 

Certificate Authority services can be purchased through several third-party companies. Volusia County Schools does not recommend one firm over another, but the following are examples of what can be used. Note this is not a complete list: Entrust, eTrust, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, IdenTrust, and Verisign.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the service meets the requirements of the Florida Statutes and Administrative Rules.

Directions for uploading documentsPrior to uploading any attachments, be sure to open the attachment on your computer to confirm it meets the following standards: 

Documents must be PDFs, pictures will not be accepted.

Do not upload documents that are upside down or sideways, be sure to upload them in the correct orientation.

If there is color present in the PDF or document, be sure to keep it in color when uploading. 
Feedback and Questions:

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, or concerns as we navigate through this transition. Feel free to reach out to the VCS Building & Inspection Department at with any questions or feedback you may have.

You can access the SagesGov portal by clicking the button below or by clicking on the second option on the top left menu "SagesGov Portal Link" 

SagesGov Portal