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Building and Code Information

​​​​The VCS Building Department is responsible for providing state mandated Florida Building Code compliance services for all remodeling, renovation, repairs, demolition, and new construction projects throughout the Volusia County School District. The Building Department conducts code compliance plan reviews, issues building permits, verifies contractor licensing, conducts building inspections of projects during construction, and issues Certificates of Occupancy. All inspectors and plan reviewers are state-licensed building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical inspectors or plan examiners.

Other Code Compliance Agencies

VCS facilities are required to meet the requirements of other non-district agencies during construction. These include:

  • State/County health department
  • City/County Fire Marshal
  • State elevator inspector
  • St. Johns River Water Management District
  • FDOT
  • City/County engineering departments
  • Utility companies

It is the contractor's responsibility to coordinate with these agencies for required inspections and final project approval prior to obtaining the Building Department Certificate of Occupancy.


The Building Department does not charge the contractor for permits or inspections. Other code compliance agencies may charge fees and should be contacted for information on any project.

Code Resource Services

The Building Department staff members are available to architects, engineers, contractors, and VCS staff as a resource on code issues. The following options are available:

  1. Informal Code Review (ICR) weekly meeting - This is a regularly scheduled time to meet with the Building Official and Plan Reviewer to discuss plan reviews, problems, or projects. Informal Code Review is held at Facilities Services every Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. No appointment is necessary. First come, first served.
  2. Individual appointments with Building Department staff. Call 386-734-7190 ext. 50721.
  3. Preliminary plan reviews - Submit preliminary plans to the Building Department using the #1 Building Department form.

Building Permits

All construction projects on VCS property are required by state law to have obtained a building permit from the Building Department prior to any work commencing (FBC Section 105.1), and to meet the requirements of the Florida building Code (FBC Section 453.1).

Code Compliance Inspections

All Construction work on VCS property is required by state law to be inspected by the Building Department for code compliance (FBC Section 110.1). The Building Department process requires the contractor to request periodic code compliance verification inspections during construction. All Inspection Requests are online.

  • Go to Building & Inspection Department, Forms & Inspection Requests, and click on the Inspection Request Form.

Inspection requests must be received online before 4 p.m. the business day before the inspection is needed; Monday - Friday only.  The time of the inspection will be determined by the inspector's schedule. Special time or weekend inspections for unusual circumstances require 72 hours advance notice and may be requested by calling the building official at 386-734-7190 ext. 50721. Exceptions:

  • Roofing and reroofing inspections may include a request for a specific time.
  • Fire alarm and kitchen hood inspections that must be coordinated with the Fire Marshal. If requested, the Building Department will do their inspection at the same time arranged with the Fire Marshal.

Certificate of Occupancy / Completion

Once a project has successfully passed all final code compliance inspections and the contractor has submitted all necessary final documents, the Building Department will issue a Certificate of Occupancy signifying that the project may be occupied for its intended purpose. Until such time as a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, a project may not be occupied without the prior written consent of the building official.

Permanent and Temporary Electrical Services

Electrical Utility companies require the Building Department to authorize energizing new and replacement electrical services to VCS Facilities. Standard procedure is for the contractor to request that the Building Department notify the Utility Company once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued. If permanent electrical service connection is desired prior to the Certificate of Occupancy, see Temporary / Permanent Electrical for instructions on how to proceed.