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Copy Center

The Copy Center services all district offices and schools with their printing needs with high speed production black and white printers, color printers and even a poster printer. Other services provided for our district include laminating, binding, cutting, and banner printing. Our technology enables teachers and staff to have access from school or home to request their copying needs; which expedites production with our 24 hour operation.

Copy center also offers printing services for non-profit organizations.



District GO GREEN Initiative

Saving the environment can save our district money. Reducing waste also reduces operating costs particularly when it comes to printing, a task that can consume paper, plastic, and school and department budgets at an alarming rate. Printers represent one of the highest equipment expenditures in the district. By focusing on increasing efficiency, improving document workflow, and reducing our carbon footprint, we can increase productivity for staff and save money. The goal of these procedures is to facilitate the appropriate and responsible use of the district’s assets so as to reduce the footprint created through the consumption of paper, ink, toner, and electricity.​

Department Contact

Copy Center Services
1301 Shapiro Drive
DeLand FL, 32724
386-734-7190 x20840, x20841, x20842

Copy Center Staff

Megan Meyer

Manager, Printing-Copy Ctr Svc

Cynthia Blehr

Assistant Shift Leader

Christopher Conklin

Copy Center Shift Leader

Colleen Guthrie

Copy Center Shift Leader

Steven Hager

Copy Center Shift Leader

Miranda Pionk

Assistant Shift Leader

Robert Trichel

Copy Center Shift Leader