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Information & Technology Security

Mission of Information & Technology Services Security


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To help foster a cybersecurity mindset throughout the District by establishing and maintaining a district-wide cybersecurity management program designed to protect the confidentitality, integrity, and availability of Volusia County School District information and technology assets.

You and Cybersecurity

You are the key to cyber security! Technology alone cannot protect you. Although the good guys are constantly improving the security measures we have available on our computers, our phones, our tablets, and all of our other electronic devices, the bad guys have discovered the easiest way to bypass most security measures is to simply focus on the person using the account they want to access. If a

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hacker can trick you into giving them what they want, then no amount of technological security is going to help. You have probably heard of terms like social engineering and phishing before. These are a few of the tools hackers use to try to trick you into giving them the information they need to compromise your digital safety and security. Although the cyber world does come with its share of dangers, and it can be difficult and frustrating at times trying to keep up with all the changes in the technology, it’s important to always remember, by taking time to stop and think before we click on something, you can not only spot, but often stop many of the malicious attacks. Ultimately, the greatest defense against attackers is you!


Yes, Virginia, Hackers Do Want Access Your Accounts


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You might be thinking, "why would someone want to hack into my computer?" Even if all you do on your computer is stream movies, post pictures to social media, and watch funny cat videos, it doesn't matter when it comes to the world of cybercrime. Every facet of your personal information and computer is very important and very valuable to the cybercriminal. There is a market for all of it. A few examples from the latest Dark Web Price Index (this is a real thing) show the cost for a complete set of personally identifying information that can be used to forge documents such as driver's licenses, passports, and auto-insurance cards is $1000. Your selfie with your vaccine shot record goes for $100. Your Gmail account can also fetch $100 while your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts go for $65, $45, and $35 respectively. Cybercriminals will often use a compromised computer as a launching platform to carry out other attacks.


Ever corresponded with your bank via email? If so, cybercriminals could also use an exploited account in an attempt to impersonate you when dealing with the bank. I could go on and on about the ways cybercriminals can and do use compromised information but the point is, the threat is real.

Although the threat is real, all isn't lost. There are numerous actions we can take to help reduce our chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime and, in the unfortunate case we do become a victim, help us recover as quickly as possible.

Please browse through the various links listed under the Information & Technology Security heading on the left to learn more about cybersecurity and ways you can help protect yourself when using technology.

Wishing you safe computing,


David C. Creech, CISSP, GSEC, GCED
Assistant Director, Information & Technology Security
Phone extension: 79924