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Welcome to
Volusia County Schools!

Step-by-step instructions for logging on to the VCS Network are provided below for the following individuals:

  1. New employees
  2. Existing employees who are using our network and information systems for the first time
  3. Non-employees who have an active non-employee agreement on file

Before you begin, please ensure that you have the following:

Network credentials: Your User ID and a temporary password. These credentials would have been either mailed to your personal email address on file or provided to you by the security contact at your site/department. If you have not received your network credentials, please contact your security contact, typically the principal's or department's secretary.

Access to a computer with internet connectivity or a VCS computer, preferably your assigned computer. If you are using a VCS computer, make sure it is logged off and ready to accept your log on/network credentials.

All new employees are recommended to learn more about our technology ecosystem at VCS.

Computer 101 Course

Topics Include: Multi Factor Authentication, VPortal & Student Password Reset, Microsoft Outlook, Tech Ticket, Printer Installer, On the Run with 1:1, OneDrive File Management, Clear Cache & Cookies, Focus, iPad Self-Service, Laptop Company Portal, Canvas Resources.