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Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA)

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Since 1986, the Florida Department of Education has provided assistance to schools in forming and maintaining chapters of Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA), a pre-collegiate and collegiate teacher recruitment program. The program provides a forum for students to become aware of career opportunities in education and nurtures their interest in teaching as a career. It also provides an avenue for collegiate members to stay informed of the latest issues and advancements in the education profession. FFEA is administered through local school chapters at all grade levels - elementary through postsecondary. A teacher or faculty advisor is required to provide the leadership for each chapter.

Volusia County Schools has been a participant in the FFEA program since its inception in 1986, and held its first District Conference on February 23, 1991 at Spruce Creek High School under the direction of Diane Allen, Recruitment and Retention Specialist, and Stephanie Bondinell, Guidance Counselor.


Thank you to all of the VCS FFEA Chapters who participated in the 2021 FFEA Spring Video Contest! A district committee reviewed the video submissions and used the FFEA Video Competition Guidelines and Rubric to ensure all criteria was met.

2021 FFEA Spring Video Contest Elementary Winner

Spruce Creek Elementary School

  • Topic: The Impact of Learning Games on Student Achievement. 

2021 FFEA Spring Video Contest Secondary Winner

Atlantic High School

  • Topic: Reading Strategies