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Professional Learning Standards & Statutes

Learning Forward's Professional Learning Standards

Volusia County’s Professional Development System was evaluated in February, 2014 based upon the state of Florida’s Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol as required by section 1012.98, Florida Statutes.

Volusia exceeded the adequacy provision referenced in statute.

Florida's Professional Development System Evaluation protocol provides the criteria for evaluating the quality of each district's professional development system. Systems are evaluated at the district, school and educator level in four essential elements of high quality professional development, or strands, which are incorporated into each level: planning, learning, implementing and evaluating. Judgments on 65 standards organized under these strands are made using a 4-point rating scale, with a midpoint of 2.5. A school district meets the adequacy provision when the average of the ratings for all of the standards is above the midpoint on the scale.