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Professional Learning Announcements
Renewal & Recertification
Renewal & Recertification

Is your teaching certificate expiring June 30, 2023? If so it’s time to look at your credit bank in MyPGS. Not sure how to view your in-service/ESE credits to renew? You may find this clicksheet useful

Feel free to access professional learning opportunities through our weekly PL Announcement email. Additionally, you can search for professional learning opportunities in MyPGS (click sheet). Our Professional Learning website is also updated regularly with opportunities. 

40 HR Reading
Recertification Requirement 40-hour Reading Instruction

---New Reading Requirements (this requirement is separate from Reading Endorsement) for Certification effective for 2020 and after (House Bill 7069)

HB 7069 includes specific in-service requirements for renewal of a professional certificate. Beginning with a validity date of July 1, 2020, or thereafter, Educators who hold certification in an area that includes reading instruction or intervention for any students in Pre-kindergarten through grade 6, will be required to earn a minimum of two college credits or the equivalent of 40 in-service points in the use of explicit, systematic and sequential approaches to reading instruction, developing phonemic awareness, and implementing multisensory intervention strategies. Here is a Flyer with more information.

Options for the 40-hour that are currently offered

Option 1: :  The BESE Portal offers two free independent study courses: 

  • Reading Difficulties, Disabilities and Dyslexia (20 hours)
  • Structured Literacy through a Multi-Sensory Approach (20 hours)

To enroll in one of the BESE Portal courses:

  1. Go to:
  2. Under the Independent Study Courses heading, click Sign In.
  3. Click on Register as a New User if it is your first time on the site. If you are returning to this site to get back into a course, type in your email username and password.
  4. Click on a course title to expand the course to view the description, enroll or continue in a course, and to check your status.
  5. Upon completion of all required coursework, send your Certificate of Completion to Wanda Conley in the Professional Learning office for your in-service to be awarded in MyPGS.

Step by step, visual directions for registering and enrolling into these courses can be found HERE.

Option 2: RDGESECR PDA Exploring Structured Literacy Online Course (40 ESE Hours) Free and offered multiple times throughout the school year.

Option 3:  Beacon ​Educator Professional Learning Options

  • Reading Challenges 1: Dyslexia and More (SWD) (20 hours) These courses require payment by participant
  • Reading Challenges 2: Structured Literacy (20 hours)      These courses require payment by participant

Option 4:  To search for professional learning sessions, which you are part of the identified target audience, that count towards this 40 -hour requirement, type in RDGESECR in the course title box in MyPGS.  You will then see a list of sessions that you can register for that count towards the 40 hours of reading (which also count towards ESE) in-service points. 

Additional courses will be announced throughout the year.

If you have questions. please contact Robin King, Certification Specialist:

Reading Endorsement


Registration is now open for all Spring A 2023 VCS Reading Endorsement courses! All courses – Competencies 1-5, Combo 1& 2, and Combo 3 & 4—are offered online with course facilitators. To reserve your seat in our fall sessions, click on THIS flyer to access the course section number and then register in MyPGS. Questions? Contact either Yuvi Castanon (x20552), Selina Jones (x20174) or Meg Roa (x20558)

Reading Endorsement Fee Reimbursement Opportunity: Timeline Extension

The Volusia County Schools Professional Learning office has received approval to extend the opportunity to provide fee reimbursements to all eligible teachers for costs associated with meeting reading endorsement requirements. The following reading endorsement fees are eligible for reimbursement

  1. $150 registration fee for successfully passing the Reading K-12 Subject Area exam
  2. $75 fee for adding the reading endorsement or certification to their professional certificate

You are eligible for reimbursement(s) if:

  • the above fees were incurred anytime between March 13, 2020 to the present and you have not previously been reimbursed for these costs.
  • passing score is earned on the Reading K-12 Subject Area exam between now and June 30, 2023.
    • Please note the registration fee to take the exam is the responsibility of each individual who chooses this option. The district will only reimburse after verification of a passing score is received.
  • the reading endorsement or reading certification is added to your professional certificate between now and June 30, 2023.


If you believe you are eligible for the reading endorsement fee(s) reimbursement, please complete this form.

Professional Learning Opportunities
Engagement Strategy of the Month!

Engagement Strategy of the Month: Carousel Brainstorm

Ready to add to your Teacher Toolbox? Our NOVEMBER Engagement Strategy of the Month is the collaborative structure known as Carousel Brainstorm. There are many different ways this can be used across grade levels and content areas; you probably have suggestions too! See below for links to access the resource and information on how to join our VCS Engagement Strategies informational Canvas site. Be sure to share how you used this with us on Twitter - @vcs_pl.



Collaborative Structure

Recommended Audience


Tech Tools

Carousel Brainstorm


Whether activating background knowledge or checking understanding after studying a topic, a carousel brainstorm allows students think and discuss about what they know about subtopics within a larger topic.




Click HERE to check out the many resources for Carousel Brainstorming provided by AVID Open Access.

For more student engagement strategies, use THIS self-enroll link to the

VCS Engagement Strategies informational Canvas site.

JOIN the “Structure of the Month” contest! Use the QR code or Link to Video Submission to upload a video of your class demonstrating the structure of the month before November 30, for a chance to win a prize! 

Qr code

Description automatically generated


Questions? Contact Crystal Crawford, AVID Resource Teacher,

Volusia eLEARNS!

Our Volusia eLEARNS! Thursday Webinar Series:   Fall 2022 Schedule UPDATED

Reminder: Each topic will be offered from 8AM – 9AM and 4PM – 5PM. You only need to register for one of those time slots. 



December 1

Growing Your PLCs

December 8

School City Tips & Tricks

For registration information, click on THIS Volusia eLEARNS! Fall 2022 flyer.

We will be adding topics frequently, so STAY TUNED IN by following us on TWITTER at @VCSPD and our Professional Learning announcements. Questions? Contact Meg Roa

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) Training Schedule 2022 – 2023

View the flyer for training dates and times.

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) trains school personnel in a proactive systematic approach to crisis management. Participants must attend both days of the 2-day initial training course (total of 12 hours) for certification. Participants will be required to attend an annual recertification training course after the initial certification training course.

Clinical Educator Training

Are you interested in supervising student teachers during their field experience courses or internships?
If so, you will need to complete this required Clinical Educator training (15 hours) before you can serve as a supervising teacher. We are offering a 10-week interactive Canvas course facilitated by a teacher leader. The course is aligned with the four clinical components identified by the Florida Department of Education. For more information, see the attached Flyer. 

2021 Florida Statute 1004.04 (5)(e):  Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, all cooperating teachers will be required to be certified or endorsed in reading, if they will support student interns that are seeking placement in elementary grades or other identified certification areas.

Specific questions can be emailed to Claudine Henderson at 

Support Staff Tuition Reimbursement

We are excited that the VUE Support Staff contract has been ratified and approved.  As part of the contract ratification, VCS support staff members are now eligible for tuition reimbursement. 

 Tuition Reimbursement Support staff shall be reimbursed for the cost of tuition for courses taken under the following terms and limits:

  1. The Board shall appropriate $60,000.00 for tuition reimbursement each for years 2021- 2022 and 2022-2023. Funding will cease on June 30, 2023. Subsequent years are conditioned upon the availability of funding.
  2. Tuition reimbursement shall only be available for one course (maximum of 3 hours) per year for each individual. This limit may be modified, at the sole discretion of the Superintendent or designee, if there are funds remaining in the account for the fiscal year, and all other requests have been considered.
  3. Requests for tuition reimbursement shall be submitted to the Superintendent or designee for approval in advance of the course. The procedure for application shall be established and published by the Superintendent or designee.
  4. Tuition reimbursement shall be limited to $350 per credit hour, not to exceed the actual cost of the credit hour, and shall be applied only to the cost of tuition.
  5. To be eligible for reimbursement, the course requested to be taken must be specific to the employee’s current assignment(s) and from a college or university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or another recognized accreditation agency. Other courses may be eligible only with prior approval of the Superintendent or designee.
  6. To be reimbursed for a course, an employee must earn a grade of B or better, as evidenced by an official transcript or a grade slip.

If you have taken a course that qualifies for tuition reimbursement during this 2022-2023 school year, please:

  • complete the attached Support Staff Tuition Reimbursement application
  • either scan it and send it electronically to Crystal Bradley or you can send the hard copy via interoffice mail to:
    • Crystal Bradley, Office of Professional Learning
    • DAC, Suite 117

 In addition, if you have already completed your course, please include your transcript or grade slip to Crystal Bradley.  Since funds are limited, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Crystal Bradley. 

Para to ESE Teacher Program


Now offering a Florida state-approved bachelor’s program for full-time paraprofessionals in public schools!

Courses are offered online and in the evenings. Graduates earn a Bachelors in Exceptional Student Education and their full Reading and ESOL Endorsement. Click HERE to open the flyer. 

FTCE banner
240 Tutoring


Hello Fellow Educator,

Our FTCE General Knowledge webinar dates for September are live, and we want to make sure you have first access to them. These webinars are great for students looking for additional FTCE GK study resources or those who want a guided review before their exam. 

Check below for the September schedule. Each webinar costs $19.99. There's a limited number of spots per webinar, so sign up today, or you could miss out!







If you have any questions please contact us - we're here to help! Email us at

View Webinar Flyer


At 240 Tutoring, our mission is to help teachers. While our primary focus is helping teacher candidates pass their certification exams, we also want to help existing teachers! Our polls show that classroom management was the largest struggle for 62% of first-year teachers. It left them drained and miserable at the end of every day. Many wondered if they had made a mistake becoming a teacher.

As you know, teacher retention is an important piece of the teacher shortage. We're here to help get your teachers' classroom back on track! Please share this announcement with your teachers if you see fit. 


Have questions? Either respond to this email or me at




Do you need help preparing for the General Knowledge Exam? If so, VCS is offering subtest-specific virtual training sessions this month (October 24 – 29). Please see the attached flyer for registration details and MyPGS section numbers.  If you have any questions, please contact Christy Mahaney ( or Tiffany Fuller (


 The Test Camp is your passgate that provides free 120-day, all-inclusive passes this semester
for you, your colleagues, pre-service teachers ... everyone you invite.
Training materials are online and accessible from any electronic device. Check out The Test Camp flyer!


The Learning Liaisons


The Learning Liaisons, the leaders in online FTCE Test Prep.

FTCE Boot Camps Flyer

FTCE Partner Flyer

                                                                Phillip Eddy, M.Ed.  1​ Schedule a Meeting   Click HERE

                                                               Cell    (941) 780-33018


Online ESOL Endorsement Courses

 Details of courses start/end dates for 2022-2023 school year.

Please contact Debbie Johnson  for any questions-





        ESOL CULTURE (60-hour) 

 Session 2:  Jan. 1st, 2023- March 8th, 2023 

MYPGS #: 100328 (open for enrollment Nov. 1st, 2022) 


        ESOL ASSESSMENT (60-hour) 

Session 2:  Jan. 1st, 2023- March 8th, 2023 

MYPGS #: 100326 (open for enrollment Nov. 1st, 2022) 


        ESOL METHODS (60-hour) 

Session 2:  March 27th, 2023- June 2nd, 202 

MYPGS #: 100332 (open for enrollment Nov. 1st, 2022) 




Session 2:  March 27th, 2023- June 2nd, 2023 

MYPGS #: 100334 (open for enrollment Nov. 1st, 2022)   



NOT Applicable for Category 2, 3, 4 

Session 2:  March 27th, 2023- June 2nd, 2022 

MYPGS #: 10336 (open for enrollment Nov. 1st, 2022)  


     18-hour ESOL Theory and Practice 

*ONLY for Category 3 participants 

Session 2:  Jan. 1st, 2023- March 8th, 2023 

MYPGS #: 100330 (open for enrollment Nov. 1st, 2022) 


Elementary ESOL Curriculum Implementation 22-23 

    2022-2023 ESOL Professional Learning 



My PGS Section Number 


Target Audience 




Nov. 30, 2022 

8:30- 3:30 





Elementary ESOL Curriculum Implementation 22-23 


Elementary ESOL Teachers will gain knowledge regarding best practices in differentiating instruction when working with English Language Learners. They will also learn how to unpack the B.E.S.T. standards to provide rigorous standards-aligned instruction during ESOL small group. 
Please contact Amaris Mendoza for any questions. 




K-5 ESOL teachers  




Volusia Pines ES 

ESOL State Requirements

To see the state requirements for ESOL click on this flyer to view a simplified table. 

Literacy Symposium 2022

Visit webpage for more information.  UCF Literacy Symposium - College of Community Innovation and Educat

Greetings, fellow educators! 

I hope this November issue of At the Forefront of Literacy newsletter finds you well.  

In line with the 2022 UCF Literacy Symposium theme, Reigniting Literacy Collaborations,  

this month I chose to focus on the importance of reigniting literacy collaborations with content area teachers!  

Collaborations with content area teachers can look different depending on grade level, content area, and school culture and context. Although literacy belongs in every content area, it “does not look, sound, or feel,” the same in each content area. Who can argue about the importance of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking across content areas? No one! Engaging in conversations, addressing tensions, and creating spaces that build literacy and content learning capacity in schools, help reignite productive partnerships between literacy and content area teachers. Consider these two questions as you start or strengthen collaborations with content area teachers:  

  • What do literacy professionals know about disciplinary literacy and pedagogies in the content areas?  
  • What do content area teachers know about literacy faculty members’ knowledge of literacy, texts, processes, and using literacy as a vehicle for developing content knowledge and student learning?  

I hope this newsletter supports your literacy and learning needs. I would love to hear what you think about this content or ideas you have for future topics and resources—feel free to share your feedback here:  

Until next time, wishing you a healthy and bountiful November! 

With appreciation, 

Vicky Zygouris-Coe, Ph.D., Event Founder & Organizer

Marjorie Ceballos, Ed.D., Event Committee Chair

UCF Literacy Symposium

Research Bites: A Long Story Short 

This question guided my search: In what ways does research inform us about the importance of literacy collaborations between teachers and instructional/literacy coaches?

I selected this article titled, Teachers’ Questions About Coaching: Pathways to Productive Collaborations (L’Allier & Brown, 2021). This article is based on lessons learned from research on literacy coaching. It focuses on ways to create effective collaboration pathways by increasing the shared understanding between teachers and literacy coaches. The authors address five questions teachers often ask about literacy coaching and offer research-based practices teachers and literacy coaches can adopt to improve instruction and student learning.

Here are three research bites from this study:

1.       Teachers and literacy coaches can collaborate on exploring research-supported and relevant instructional practices, selecting, and using appropriate curricular materials, and using data to drive instruction.

2.      Equal partnership that is based on clear, honest communication and on a trusting relationship is the baseline for developing realistic, supportive interactions and dismantling misconceptions between teachers and coaches.

3.      To multiply the impact of coaching, teachers and coaches can share and make public their new instructional understandings and successful practices and invite further productive collaboration.

Research to Practice Takeaways

The following five takeaways can help you as a teacher or an instructional/literacy coach to reignite your literacy collaborations.

  1.  Literacy coaches need to work with the school principal on the school’s coaching program. The school principal needs to clearly communicate to teachers the ways the literacy coach will collaborate with teachers throughout the year.
  2. To maximize the impact of teacher-literacy coach collaborations on student learning, both parties need to commit to a trusting relationship, clear communication, and relevant and realistic commitments for the collaboration.
  3.  Literacy coaches need to discuss the different phases of the coaching cycle with teachers.
  4.  Coach–teacher collaborations can occur in large-group, small-group, or individual settings. Coaches and teachers should establish commonly agreed upon clear and flexible plans—after all, the purpose of the collaborations is to strengthen instruction to meet the diverse strengths and needs of students.
  5. To build teacher and school capacity, teachers and coaches can share lessons learned from their collaborations with colleagues and co-facilitate teacher professional learning.

One Question for You 

Here’s some food for thought…

  • What is one small, attainable action you can take as a teacher or an instructional/literacy coach to reignite literacy collaborations that will support instruction and student learning?


These resources can inspire and facilitate your collaborative goals.

New Teacher TIP



CHAMPS Training (3 hours) – This training is offered in a “Live Virtual” or self-paced Canvas course format. Please see the attached flyer for registration details

    • EXCEPTIONS for CHAMPS Training:  
      • All recent DSC and Stetson graduates
      • School Psychologists, Speech Clinicians, & Athletic Directors
      • CHAMPS is optional for new teachers with 5+ years of teaching experience, unless recommended by an administrator. 

VSET/DPP Online Canvas Course (1 hour) – This training is offered in a self-paced Canvas course and is not the same VSET training facilitated annually by school administrators to all faculty at schools. This training takes a deep dive into the rubric language of the Danielson Framework, while the school-based training focuses on the procedure/process. Please see the attached flyer for registration details.

Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA – 6 hours) – This training educates teachers to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders in youth.  This in-person, 6-hour training gives adults who work with youth the skills they need to reach out and provide initial support to children and adolescents (ages 6-18) who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem and help connect them to the appropriate care. Please see attached flyer for registration details

Ethics in our Schools Training (1 hour) – This training is offered in-person and a “Live Virtual” format. This session focuses on Florida statutes, the Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession current school board employees must adhere to.  Please see attached flyer for registration details.

Diversity & Equity Training (1 hour) – This training is offered in-person, “Live Virtual”, and a self-paced Canvas course. Culturally Responsive Pedagogy explores the art of teaching that acknowledges and respects cultural diversity in the learning community. It is a paradigm in which the student’s culture is integrated within the curriculum.  Educators will learn how to implement research-based strategies that engage students in learning as they identify relevance; thereby, cultivating intrinsic motivation making students accountable for their own learning. Please see the attached flyer for the registration details. 

Professional Learning Institutes (PLI – 2 hours) – This is an opportunity for new teachers to connect with their curriculum specialists/department leads throughout the school year. New teachers should attend one PLI throughout the school year. Registration is now open in MyPGS

  • 22-23SY PLI Dates:
    • Wednesday, February 15, 2023 (online/virtual MS Teams)
    • Wednesday, January 18, 2023 (in-person – Deltona HS)

Please see the attached flyer for the Spring PLI times and MyPGS registration numbers. 

      • Important Note:  The PLI component will be differentiated for the following groups:
          • School Counselors
          • School Psychologists
          • Social Workers
          • World Language Teachers
          • Teachers on Assignment
          • Speech Clinicians
          • Physical Education Teachers
          • Athletic Trainers/Athletic Directors
          • Media Specialists
          • Credit Retrieval Lab teachers

Digital Tools (3 hours) - New teachers must complete 3 hours of training related to digital tools/technology and /or VCS online platforms. We offer a self-paced Canvas course to fulfill this component (see below) OR there are several trainings that qualify for this component of the TIP Program (i.e. SchoolCity, Nearpod, FOCUS, VPortal, SeeSaw, etc.).

digital tools download link


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Recruitment & Retention Team.



Christy Mahaney, Coordinator
Phone: (386) 734-7190 ext. 20492

Monica Dreher, Office Specialist
Phone: (386)734-7190 ext. 20168

Bonnie Turner, Office Specialist
Phone: (386)734-7190 ext. 20115

ESE banner
RDGESECR Online PDA Course Exploring Structured Literacy (ESL)

Target Audience:  K-12 Educators Needing 40-hours toward required Reading Recertification

What:  PDA Exploring Structured Literacy (ESL) (40-hour RDGESECR)
When: Tuesday, November 29, 2022 (course begins 11/29/22 and runs through 2/26/23)
Time:  Orientation begins promptly at 5:00pm via Microsoft Teams (link to be sent out closer to course start date)

Register for MyPGS Section #102920

ESECR LRP Online Courses to Support Compliance for Students w/ Disabilities

LRP Media Courses offered FREE through FDOE provide evidence-based best practices, case law and compliance guidance to help serve and instruct students with disabilities.  
Earn ESE Credit while becoming a more compliant educator for students with disabilities.  Access & complete courses online following directions below. (NOT in MYPGS) 
Send your Certificate of Completion to Melissa Bisesi or Jackie Dwyer for processing of in-service points in MyPGS.   
Questions?  Please contact Melissa Bisesi 

Available Courses:   

·         Identifying Disabilities to Determine IDEA Eligibility 

·         Child Find: Understanding IDEA Provisions & Responsibilities 

·         Postsecondary Transition: IDEA Requirements for Processes, Procedures, and Implementation 

·         Required Components for Compliant IEPs 

·         Least Restrictive Environment (LRE): What Teachers Need to Know 

·         Independent Educational Evaluations: Responsibilities & Procedures 

·         Conducting Compliant IEP Team Meetings 

·         Evaluations & Reevaluations – Purposes, Standards, & Procedures 

·         Legal Requirements & Best Practices for Prior Written Notice 

·         Practical Strategies & IDEA Requirements for Developing IEPs 

·         When to Review & How to Revise IEPs to Stay Compliant 

·         IEP Implementation Strategies to be IDEA Compliant 

·         Requirements & Strategies to Facilitate Parental Participation in IEPs 

·         Discipline & Placement Changes for Students w/ Disabilities who Exhibit Violent Behavior 

·         Eligibility & Development of a Student’s Extended School Year Services 

·         Early Intervention Services: Facilitating Transition from IDEA Part C to Part B 

·         Collaboration & Communication:  Guidelines & Strategies for Paraprofessional Participation in Instructional Teams 

In order to access the LRP courses, please follow the instructions below to create an account on the DirectSTEP® eLearning website: 

  1. Go to HTTP://FLDOE2022-DS.LRP.COM. 
  2. Please read the “Is This Your First Time Here?” section located on the right side of the screen. 
  3. Click the “Create new account” button. 
  4. Create a username (Recommended format:  John Sample = jsample). 
  5. Create a password (Recommended format : J#sample1) 
    Please write down your username and password and keep it somewhere secure for future reference.  
    This information will NOT be emailed to you after you register. 
  6. Enter your email address as well as first and last name. 
  7. Enter the letters/numbers pictured in the reCAPTCHA image.  
  8. Click the “Create my new account” button. 
  9. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the website.   

 To take a DirectSTEP® eLearning course: 

  1. Login to HTTP://FLDOE2022-DS.LRP.COM  using your username and password. 
  2. Select the course you would like to access or have been assigned to complete.  
  3. You will enter your enrollment key and click onto “Enroll Me”. 
  4. Click the course link next to the icon of a gold box. 
  5. Click the “Enter” button to begin taking the course. 
  6. You can use the arrow icons to move through the slides in the lower left-hand corner of the slide player. 
  7. When you reach the Final Assessment, you will need to click the “submit” button after you select an answer. You will be directed to a new window which will inform you whether or not you answered each question correctly. You will need to score an 80% or higher to pass. 
  8. When you have completed the assessment, it is important that you click the “Exit Activity” link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to get credit for completing the course and to record your grade. 
  9. Your “Course Completion Certificate” link will now be active. If you are required to print a Completion Certificate, you may do so from this page.           
  10. To save your certificate as a PDF, click print and then select “adobe pdf” as your printer.  This will open a dialogue box for you to select the location and name of the file you are saving.  Please name your file – “last name, first name – name of course”          


ESECR Tough Kids Social Skills Training

Tough Kid Social Skills teaches learned behaviors that students need to get along successfully in a majority of social situation.  This professional learning is designed to help educators teach a variety of social skills to students.  This is an online Canvas course available from November 1, 2022 through December 30, 2022.  Required implementation plan and survey due by 1/13/22.

Target Audience:  2-5 ESE Teachers; Ideal for Grades 2-5 ESE Separate Class

4 ESECR Hours

Questions?  Please contact Jackie Dwyer or Melissa Bisesi  


ESECR Webinar Executive Functioning to Support Students w/ Disabilities

This virtual professional learning session will be held in Microsoft Teams and introduce the concept of Executive Functioning (EF) to participants and increase their awareness of the impact of EF difficulties. Participants will learn about teaching strategies and interventions to support EF skills.

Tuesday, December 6th from 5:00pm to 7:00pmRegister for MyPGS Section #102919

2 ESE Hours
Questions?  Please contact Jackie Dwyer or Melissa Bisesi  

ESECR Disability Awareness

Face to face training!

Thursday, December 1st from 8:30am to 3:30pm – Register for MyPGS Section #102762

Target Audience:  K-12 Educators

6 ESE Hours

Questions?  Please contact Jackie Dwyer or Melissa Bisesi 


RDGESECR K-5 Phoneme Grapheme Mapping

Face to face training!

Thursday, December 1st from 8:30am to 3:30pm -  Register for MyPGS Section #102761

Target Audience:  K-5 Educators


Questions?  Please contact Melissa Bisesi 

Content Certification Incentive Program


Are you a high or middle school math or science teacher with Exceptional Student Education eligible students in your classes or an ESE teacher supporting students in math and science? Add math, science or ESE content area certification to you teaching certificate for free!  

Florida’s State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) is pleased to announce the availability of the Content Certification Incentive Program (CCIP). CCIP was developed to remove the barrier of extra costs for ESE-certified teachers in secondary settings to obtain and add content area certifications to their teaching certificate. To qualify, teachers must already have their five-year renewable teaching certificate.  Teachers with temporary certificates do not qualify for the reimbursement.  To obtain further information please contact Andrew Willson, Administrative Specialist, at or 239 590-7747.

ESECR Canvas IEP Essentials: Writing Present Levels and Annual Goals (Q1 2022)

 ESECR Canvas IEP Essentials: Writing Present Levels and Annual Goals (Q1 2022)

This session develops participants' knowledge and understanding of writing Essential IEP Components of Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) and Annual Goals. Participants will earn 5 ESE Credit Hours after successful completion of all course requirements.
This is an online Canvas course available from October 1, 2022 through December 30, 2022. MyPGS section number: 102479

Questions?  Please contact Jackie Dwyer or Melissa Bisesi

ESECR An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning in 60 Minutes (2 ESE Inservice Hours):

October 3, 2022 – November 30, 2022

Self-Paced Canvas course: This introductory course on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) offers a set of concrete suggestions that can be applied to any discipline or domain to ensure that all learners can access and participate in meaningful, challenging learning opportunities. All VCS staff looking for a refresher or are new to Universal Design for Learning are welcome to participate in this course.

This course is designed to help educators identify potential barriers that impact student learning and implement strategies such as the Plus One Approach to design instruction which promotes the success of ALL students.  Earn 2 ESE Inservice hours with the successful completion of this course.  Course work needs to be completed by November 30, 2022.

Elementary School Educators: #102489 ESECR An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning in 60 Minutes for Elementary School Educators : October - November 2022

Middle School Educators: #102488 ESECR An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning in 60 Minutes for Middle School Educators : October - November 2022

High School Educators: #102486 ESECR An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning in 60 Minutes for High School Educators : October - November 2022

ESECR Learning Ally Empowers Struggling Readers


Learning Ally


 ESECR Learning Ally Empowers Struggling Readers


October 3, 2022 – November 30, 2022
Do you have students who struggle reading grade level text?

Learn how Learning Ally can empower struggling readers in your classroom.  Learning Ally bridges the gap by providing access to the books students want to read – and the books they need to read in an easy to absorb format.  This self-paced Canvas course is designed for all K - 12th grade teachers.   Participants will learn how to implement Learning Ally a state funded audiobook resource that provides free access to over 80,000 human-narrated books for all K-12 students with reading deficits. 

Originally designed for individuals with special needs, Learning Ally is now available to all students who have a reading deficit. Eligible students are NOT required to have an IEP or 504 plan. 

Earn 6 ESE Inservice Credits with the successful completion of this self-paced Canvas course. An opportunity to earn two additional ESE In-Service hours is also available. Course work needs to be completed by November 30, 2022.
Each course has 50 Seats available! Click section below to register!

Elementary School Educators: #102492 ESECR Learning Ally Empowers Struggling Readers - Elementary School Teachers: October - November 2022

Middle School Educators: #102491 ESECR Learning Ally Empowers Struggling Readers -Middle School Teachers: October - November 2022

High School Educators: #102490 ESECR Learning Ally Empowers Struggling Readers - High School Teachers: October - November 2022


FDLRS Statewide PDA Online Facilitated Courses – Registration Open!

Note: These courses are run statewide.  Use registration link below; not found in MyPGS.  

Click here to register for a course below! 

Differentiating Science Instruction:  10/3 through 12/15  (30 ESE Hours)

Introduction to Assistive Technology:  10/10 through 12/11  (20 ESE Hours)

Engaging Learners through Informative Assessment:  10/11/ through 12/5  (20 ESE Hours)

Introduction to Differentiated Instruction:  10/12 through 12/14  (20 ESE Hours)


ESECR Canvas Solutions for Behavior Management (Q1 22-23)

New! ESECR Canvas Solutions for Behavior Management (Q1 22-23)

The purpose of this course is to assist participants with access to evidence-based behavioral interventions and supports for students with disabilities by incorporating the characteristics of students with behavioral needs, including Exceptional Student Education categories and their implications on behavior. Upon successful completion of all required activities, participants will earn 6 ESE Credit Hours.
This is an online Canvas course available from October 1, 2022 through December 30, 2022. MyPGS section number: 102478

Questions?  Please contact Jackie Dwyer or Melissa Bisesi

BEESS Portal Free ESE Online Independent Courses

The Florida Department of Education Bureau of Exceptional Student Education (BESE) Portal to Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) offers a variety of FREE online courses for Florida educators that will increase their ability to respond to the needs of students with disabilities.  There are a wide variety of online, self-paced independent courses available for ESECR credit upon submission of your Certificate of Completion to the Professional Learning. These courses are ALWAYS available online. 

Independent study courses are available in a variety of topics listed below, ranging from non-credit to 20 in-service credits.

  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Behavior & Classroom Management
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • ESE Policies & Procedures
  • Instructional Methodology     
  • Language and Communication
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Secondary Transition
  • Special Areas
  • Subject Area Exam Preparation

To enroll in any of these courses:

  1. Go to: 

  2. Under the Independent Study Courses heading, click Sign In.
  3. Click on Register as a New User if it is your first time on the site. If you are returning to this site to get back into a course, type in your email username and password.
  4. Click on a course title to expand the course to view the description, enroll or continue in a course, and to check your status.
  5. Upon completion of all required coursework, send your Certificate of Completion to Wanda Conley in the Professional Learning office for your in-service to be awarded in MyPGS.

Questions, please contact Melissa Bisesi

College/University Information

Florida International University, Department of Teaching and Learning was recently awarded a Special Education-Personnel Development grant from the U. S. Office of Special Education Programs. The grant is designed to improve services and results for students with disabilities by addressing special education teacher shortages among diverse populations across the state of Florida. We are recruiting new students for the Spring (January 2023) semester.  We are having an informational and interview Zoom session on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 4:15 p.m. for interested teachers across Florida. Below are brief bullets describing UNIQUE and attached is a flyer with the session Zoom link and additional information. 

Synchronous Remote Delivery

All courses and the three semester school-based internships are delivered synchronously via Zoom to accommodate the busy schedules of working teachers who are outside of the FAU service area. Classes are offered Saturday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday evenings, a decision based on the same reason. The entire program is completed over six semesters, beginning in Spring 2023 and concluding in Fall 2024.


Completion of the degree, and passing the Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE), leads to Florida Educational Leadership Certification (Level I), which qualifies an individual to serve as an assistant principal in public, charter, alternative, or independent schools.

Attached you will find our recruitment flyer and a copy of our admissions handout. I would be pleased to discuss the program at greater length with you at your convenience, and would be most appreciative if you could consider sharing these materials with your school administrators and faculty. I am the direct contact for anyone interested in discussing the program requirements and expectations, and I’d be happy to schedule an information session via Zoom if desired.

Yours sincerely, 

John Hardman, PhD

Senior Instructor

Coordinator, IDEAL Program

Student Advisor, ACE Program


Classes start the week of January 16th and will be offered virtually. Volusia county employees qualify for a 20% percent scholarship on our Masters and EDS Programs and 10% percent on our Doctorate Degrees. Check out our flyer to explore other advanced degrees.  


Let me know if you have any questions.

Middalia Carpio
National Louis University
Outreach Development Specialist


Professional development institute

November Promotion Flyer


I’m happy to share that PDI’s popular 15% off all courses and graduate-level credit! Even better….use the district's special code “newsd" save an EXTRA 10% on every registration. Holiday time off is a great time for teachers to work on their professional development conveniently at home with the flexibility that PDI offers. 

Newest Courses

In case you missed it, we’ve recently added the following courses.


·         Embracing Technology to Empower Students with Special Needs (K-12)

·         Reading Fluency: The Bridge Between Phonics and Comprehension (K-5)

·         Social, Emotional, and Physical Wellness for Students and Teachers (PreK-12)



In addition to our new SEL courses  below is a list of our newer courses.



Paraprofessional Courses

Our new course designed for paraprofessionals, An Introduction to Social-Emotional Learning for Paraprofessionals is open for registration and is already quite popular. If you would like more information to share with your paraprofessional staff, please let me know. We are also able to extend a few freebies for this course as well. Availability is limited, so please let me know right away if you’d like to take advantage of our offer.




Caryn Chavez, M.S. 

Vice President of Marketing and Outreach

Professional Development Institute