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Partners In Education (PIE) Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS)


Tutor Girl



                                                                   Denise Ribeiro
                                                                   Phone: 386-734-7190 extension 20221

                                                                   Ashorda Foley
                                                                  Office Specialist
                                                                  Phone: 386-734-7190 extension 38379


Thank you for volunteering your time to enrich our students’ learning experiences.

The Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) program has served the school district since 1978. VIPS involves all segments of the community and all age groups who help meet the needs of students through the enhancement of education. Volunteers work in every aspect of school operations. They assist in the classroom, school office, clinic and special areas; provide one-on-one tutoring and mentor at-risk students; and work with PTA/PTSA, School Advisory Councils, Extended Day, academic enhancement programs, and extracurricular organizations.

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