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Re-Branding the CTE Logo: 

CTE logo

Presenting the New CTE Logo- Created by a Senior at Deltona High School

Congratulations to Robert Hylton from Deltona High School for your innovative new design with an hombre effect. 

Group Logo with board members













Image caption: Ruben Colón and Jamie Haynes, Carolyn Carbonell, Deltona High School Faculty and Administration, CTE District staff and the student winner, Robert Hylton


After over 4,000 public votes and input from business partners, the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Department choose the new logo created by Robert for the clean lines, three dimensional appeal, and clear description of CTE. The CTE Logo Contest included 23 logos were created by the students in CTE programs at 8 of the 10 high schools. 

Business Partners: Thank You for Your Support

Each logo submission received feedback from business partners in various industries, such as website design, engraving, embroidery and print materials. Over the past few months, students were able to modify and update their logo based upon the feedback to create the final product. The business partners were Dr. Bradley Moody from Daytona State College, Dean O'Brien from 06 Marketing, Mark Russell from Tinker Graphics, Jason Cyrier from Trophy Factory Plus, Jamie Underwood from Woodland and Rich, Thomas Melton a VCS Webmaster, Kelly Amy from VCS Community Information, Derek Travis from VCS Learning Technologies, and Eddie Stamm from the Logo Store. Thank you for your time and effort to support our students in CTE in this project. A special thank you to our sponsor, FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County Schools.

    Contest Winner

    The Volusia CTE Logo Design Winner will have their logo acknowledged by the Volusia County Career and Technical Education Department on the Volusia County Schools website, VCS YouTube account, and announced through the Community Information Department to local newspaper venues. The student will also be awarded a monetary prize and recognition provided by FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County. A special thank you to FUTURES for their generous donation and support of CTE in Volusia County. 


    Additional Information

    For additional information, contact:

    Marianne Blair, CTE Specialist

    Overview: What Do We Do?

    Career & Technical Education (CTE) provides rigorous instruction to prepare students for high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers, and/or postsecondary opportunities. CTE bridges secondary and postsecondary curriculum, provides industry certification opportunities, reinforces core academics, and delivers the skills necessary for cutting-edge, economically viable career options. Work-based learning opportunities, hands-on learning, school-based enterprises, and Career & Technical Student Organizations are key components of CTE.

    Audience for the Contest

    The Volusia Career & Technical Education (CTE) Department is seeking to rebrand with a new logo with modern accents and an innovative look to encompass the essence of Volusia CTE. This logo would be utilized for the High School Showcase, booklets, websites, as well as department stationery and print campaigns.

    Contest Details

    CTE students will submit ONE innovative Volusia Career & Technical Education (CTE) logo design for consideration as the new district-wide rebranding of the department. The Volusia CTE department seeks to showcase the creative industry skills developed in its vast range of career-oriented courses to provide career-focused, real-world opportunities to CTE students.

    Contest Resources

    CTE District Logo Contest Flyer for Students

    CTE District Logo Contest Student Instructions

    Details and Timeline

    1. School Finalists:

    • All initial entries of the logo ideas will be provided to the high school academy facilitator during September. A small committee will be assembled by the school to determine the 3 finalists submitted to the Teams account by September 30, 2020.

    2. Concept Elements:

    • The high school finalist design concepts are due by October 30, 2020 via the competition Teams file folder.    

    3. Design Elements:

    • Review Committee and community business partners will review and provide feedback by November 20, 2020 via email. 

    4. Technical Elements:

    • Final designs with incorporated feedback from business partners are due December 4, 2020 via the competition Teams account file folder.

    5. Final Product:

    • The Logo Design Competition Review Committee will determine the logo and the CTE Coordinator will announce logo design winner in January, 2021.