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​​​​​Volusia County Schools offers over 60 different Career and Technical Education Programs to students in grades 6 - 12. If you want more information regarding what is offered at your students school, click on the link below.


Career Academies - SY 2018 - 19


Career Academies List




Atlantic High School Academy Facilitator : Stacey Bell​​​
Atlantic High Academy of Law & Government Criminal Justice Margo Rivera
Atlantic High On Stage: Performing Arts Academy Performing Arts Mary Morrow
Atlantic High Aquaculture, Environmental & Marine Science Academy Horticulture, Science & Services Jennifer Spain     
Atlantic High Technology Engineering, Science, & Aeronautics Academy Aerospace Technologies Kelly Groel A
Atlantic High Digital Video Academy Digital Video Technology Donald A Brunning .
Atlantic High Academy of Marketing and Promotion Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurial Principles Secondary Roshunda Jenkins       
Atlantic High Teaching, Education, and Learning Academy Principles of Teaching, Early Childhood Education

Carli Bryan

Linda Schultz

Atlantic High Digital Audio Production Academy Digital Audio Technology Jeff Brown
Atlantic High Academy of Gaming and Simulation Gaming/Simulation/Animation Visual Design Rick Bowrosen
DeLand High School Academy Facilitator: Jim Lowenstein​​​
DeLand High Communications Academy Digital Media/MultiMedia Design, Digital Video Production, Web Development

Vicki Perri

April Sniffen

DeLand High Engineering Academy Applied Engineering Technology Peter Policke
Deltona High School Academy Facilitator: Alisha Kellett Zarbo ​​​
Deltona High Academy of Food & Agricultural Science (NEW 2017-18) Agri, Food & Natural Resources Farrah Johnson
Deltona High

Health Services Academy


Allied Health Assisting  Brandy Meadows
Mainland High School Academy Facilitator: Dan Lundy​​​
Mainland High Academy of Scientific Inquiry & Medicine Allied Health Assisting Susana Mandell
Mainland High Academy of Communications & MultiMedia Technology Digital Media/MultiMedia Design, Digital Video Production, Networking, Web Development Libby Diamond
Mainland High Academy of Culinary & Hospitality Culinary Arts Ryan Barbarow                
Mainland High Academy of Design & Manufacturing Technology Drafting/Illustrative Design Technology, Engineering Pathways, Manufacturing Al Kelleher
Mainland High Academy of Computer Science Cliff Scarborouh
Mainland High International and Polictical Relations (AIPR) - NEW 2016-17 International Business, Foreign Languages, Americas Future Leaders

Ira Gavilanes-O'Brien


Mainland High Public Service Professions & Careers (APSPC) - NEW 2016-17 Criminal Justice Operations, Fire Science, Teaching Assisting Mike Miglioranzi
Mainland High Sports Science Academy Heatlh & Wellness (Athletic Training), Sports, Recreation & Entertainment Marketing Michael Burton            
Mainland High Unified Arts (AUA) - New 2016-17 Visual & Performing Arts  Shelly Warren
New Smyrna Beach High School Academy Facilitator: Denise Johns​​​
New Smyrna High Academy of Entertainment & Sports Marketing Sports, Recreation, & Entertainment Marketing
New Smyrna High Agriscience Academy Veterinary Assisting Joanna Crawford
New Smyrna High Criminal Justice Academy Criminal Justice Operations

Diana Cox

Mark Fletcher

New Smyrna High Culinary Academy Culinary Arts Dana Luff
New Smyrna High Engineering Academy Engineering Technology Dennis Humphrey
New Smyrna High Medical Academy Emergency Medical Responder Kathleen Rich-Zois
Pine Ridge High School Academy Facilitator: Kyle Schicker​​​
Pine Ridge High Health Care Academy Allied Health Assisting  Renae Lee
Pine Ridge High Manufacturing Academy James Maynard
Seabreeze High School Academy Facilitator: June Bigham​​​
Seabreeze High Academy of Culinary Design Culinary Arts Meaghan McCracken
Seabreeze High Academy of Digital Media Design Digital Media/MultiMedia Design Gwen Coy
Seabreeze High Allied Health Academy Allied Health Assisting Mark Lebeda
Spruce Creek High School Academy Facilitator: Jean Harms​​​
Spruce Creek High Academy of Finance Finance Nate Fincher
Spruce Creek High Academy of Information Technology & Robotics Computer Systems & IT, Digital Media/MultiMedia Design, Game/Sim/Animation Programming, Applied Robotics, Web Development Dru Urquhart
University High School Academy Facilitator: Jennifer Peel​​​
University High Environmental Resources Academy Environmental Resources Kenneth Hartless
University High Academy of Finance Finance Sheryl Flowers
University High

Gaming/Simulation and Robotics Academies

Gaming/Sim/Animation Visual Design,

gaming/Simulation/Animation Programming

Applied Robotics

David Manning



Daryl Deloach 

University High Biomedical Sciences Academy Biomedical Science Jessica Clayton
University High Engineering Academy Engineering Technology   ​