Career Academies

Volusia County Schools: Career Academies

  • Academy Application Documents:
  • The Career Academy/Cambridge/IB Application Process:
      • *December 7, 2020: Career Academy/Cambridge/IB program of choice recruitment begins.
      • *No program of choice recruitment by middle or high schools before December 7, 2020
      • January 29, 2021: DEADLINE –Career Academy/Cambridge/IB Applications.
      • Program of choice applications must be submitted by January 29, 2021.​​​​​​​
      • By February 16, 2021: Career Academy/Cambridge/IB School Review Committees generate a list of applicants to accept into the program of choice.
      • By February 19, 2021: All acceptance/denial notification letters must be mailed by program of choice directors (email is preferred method of distribution) to applicants no earlier than February 16, 2021 and no later than February 19, 2021.​​​​​​​
      • February 26, 2021: DEADLINE for program of choice Declaration of Intent
        • To CONFIRM a seat in one (1) program of choice, students/parents must communicate the Declaration of Intent to attend as follows:
          • Electronic acceptance to program of choice director no later than February 26, 2021
          • Mail-in acceptance to the program of choice director postmarked on or before February 26, 2021

Academies for the 2021-22 School Year

Atlantic High

Academy Facilitator: Linda Schultz

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Academy of Law & Government Criminal Justice Margo Rivera
Aquaculture, Environmental & Marine Science Academy Horticulture, Science & Services Jennifer Spain
Technology Engineering, Science, & Aeronautics Academy Aerospace Technologies Ivan Pantovic

DeLand High

Academy Facilitator: Jim Lowenstein

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Communications Academy Digital Media/MultiMedia Design, Digital Video Production, Web Development

Vicki Perri
April Sniffen

Engineering Academy Applied Engineering Technology

Peter Policke
Chris Folsom

Deltona High

Academy Facilitator: Brandy Meadows

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Academy of Food & Agricultural Science Agri, Food & Natural Resources Farrah Johnson
Academy of Digital Media Enterprise Digital Media Enterprise

John Scott
Matt Milazzo

Health Services Academy

Allied Health Assisting Brandy Meadows

Mainland High

Academy Facilitator: Tara Gardner

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Academy of Scientific Inquiry & Medicine Allied Health Assisting, Biomedical Sciences Susana Mandell

New Smyrna Beach High

Academy Facilitator: Denise Johns

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Academy of Education Education and Training Elisebeth Jones
Criminal Justice Academy Criminal Justice Operations

Diana Cox
Mark Fletcher

Engineering Academy Engineering Technology Dennis Humphrey
Medical Academy Emergency Medical Responder Kathleen Rich-Zois

Pine Ridge High

Academy Facilitator: Yolanda Reese

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Health Care Academy Allied Health Assisting Renae Lee
Manufacturing Academy Manufacturing Yolanda Reese

Seabreeze High

Academy Facilitator: Erica Demke

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Allied Health Academy Allied Health Assisting Kelley Lemon

Spruce Creek High

Academy Facilitator: Thomas Bennett

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Academy of Finance Finance Griffin Fuller
Academy of Information Technology & Robotics Computer Systems & IT, Digital Media/MultiMedia Design, Game/Sim/Animation Programming, Applied Robotics, Web Development Kim Stears

University High

Academy Facilitator: Jennifer Peel

Academy Name CTE Programs Director
Academy of Finance Finance

Stephanie Smith
Hayley Dougal

Gaming/Simulation and Robotics Academies

Gaming/Sim/Animation Visual Design, Gaming/Simulation/Animation Programming, Applied Robotics

David Manning
Daryl Deloach

Biomedical Sciences Academy Biomedical Science Jessica Clayton