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School Choice Process

School Choice Applications for SY 2019-20

The application period for school choice will open on March 1st. The deadline for consideration for an appeal is the last day of school for students, May 29, 2020.

Applications submitted after the deadline are not guaranteed a decision prior to the start of school.

Paper Process

  1. Obtain a paper application from any Volusia County school.
  2. Complete the application and have it signed by the principal/designee of the zoned school.
  3. Have the requested school principal/designee sign the application.
  4. The requested school will forward the application to the Student Assignment Office.
  5. The Student Assignment Office will process and make decisions on all school applications.
  6. Parents will be notified by US Mail of the decision; generally toward the end of May or in June.

School Capacity Information - SY 2019-2020

Each Volusia County school is considered a school of choice and will be designated with one of the following classifications: substantial capacity, limited capacity, or at or over capacity. Available school capacity is the primary determining factor for approvals of choice applications. The classification of each school is based on SY 2019-2020 project student enrollments.

School Year 2019-20

1. Schools that have substantial capacity

2. Schools that have limited capacity:

(Decisions for these schools will be made after the deadline. Depending on the number of applications, a lottery may be held.):

3. Schools that are at or over capacity:

(Approvals of choice applications are extremely limited.)

** School is under construction, no available capacity.

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