School Choice Application

What You Need to Know About a School Choice Application:

School Choice Applications are used to request a school other than the zoned school. Applications are open on March 2, 2020 and the applications will close May 29, 2020. Please read all of the following information before completing a School Choice Application.

  1. A separate application must be completed for each student.
  2. The school district will notify each family by email or letter of the School Choice Application Committee’s decision.
  3. The Volusia County School District cannot guarantee placement at a specific school due to factors such as over-crowding, program placement, class size, etc.
  4. Transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the family.
  5. In order to remain in your School Choice Placement, your student must:
    • Comply with the Student Code of Conduct
    • Maintain satisfactory academic performance
    • Maintain satisfactory school attendance


How to Complete a School Choice Application:

Choose one type of application when completing your request to switch from the student's zoned school. Only one application will be evaluated per student per year and all 3 application types below are evaluated by the district in the same manner. Duplicate applications will be returned or denied by the district.

You may complete the application by one of the three following:

  1. Parent Portal Account: Only Currently Enrolled VCS Students 
  2. Online Form: Current or New to VCS Students
    • This online form is accessible by phone or computer. To apply online, please visit our link here:
  3. Paper Application: Current or New to VCS Students
    • Paper applications can be completed at any Volusia County School. The school will forward the application to the Student Choice Office using the county mail service. This application may be delayed due to the physical delivery of the form to the School Choice Office. 


School Choice Contact:

Janice Weil
Phone: 386-734-7190 ext. 20574 or 20645