Frequently Asked Questions About Building Permits

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Is a Building Permit Application required to be completed by a state-licensed contractor?

Answer: YES. FBCB Section 105 PERMITS

Must the licensed contractor personally appear in the Building Department to make application?

Answer: YES. FBCB Section 105.3 OR the licensed contractor can complete Form 2C for a representative of the licensed contractor to pick-up or drop-off documents on the licensed contractor’s behalf.

Can the licensed contractor complete and sign a power of attorney?

Answer: NO. The licensed contractor cannot sign a power of attorney to apply for a building permit.

Can a Building Permit application be scanned and submitted via email?

Answer: NO. Original signed, notarized, and dated documents must be delivered to the Building Department.

How many sets of construction documents are required to be signed, sealed, and dated by the Architect or Engineer?

Answer: 3 original sets. FBCB Section 107.1

Is a Site plan required that shows the specific location of work?

Answer: YES. FBCB Section 107.2

Is a Construction Barricade plan required that shows the construction area enclosed by a temporary fence? 

Answer: YES. FBCB 453.6.1, Occupancy during construction.

Are certificates of insurance required to be attached to the permit application?

Answer: YES. FBCB 105.3.5. Provide the same limits that are in your owner-contractor agreement.

Does the Building Department maintain Certificates of Insurance on file?

Answer: NO. Current certificate of insurance must be attached to the permit application.

Does the Building Department maintain contractor’s licenses on file?

Answer: NO. Contractors license must be attached to the permit application including any subcontractors license if applicable.

What types of exterior envelope materials require Florida Product Approval?

Answer: The following exterior envelope products require Florida Product Approval:

  1. Roofing
  2. Exterior Doors
  3. Louvers
  4. Windows
  5. Shutters
  6. Structural Components
  7. Exhaust Fans and Curbs
Are submittals turned in at the time of application?

Answer: YES.

Example: A re-roofing permit application will require the roofing submittal including Florida Product Approval. 

Does the VCS Project Manager sign the permit application prior to submitting permit application?

Answer: YES. Project Manager must sign application prior to submitting application.