Riverview Learning Center

Image of Riverview Learning Center


Riverview Learning Center is a program, which operates on a schedule similar to traditional school sites. Educational services are provided for students in grades 6 – 12. Differentiated instruction through blended learning and online platforms, allows students to have a seamless transition as they enter and exit the assigned program. With emphasis on modifying behavior and social skills, students attend classes daily in a highly restrictive school environment. Students are assigned to these facilities by the District Student Placement Committee, IEP Committee and/or the area superintendent(s). 

JumpStart Academy is an academic remediation program that serves students grade 6-8. Students complete a rigorous application process that requires parent participation at all times. Admitted students attend classes on the alternative education campus, but remain a student of record (with full privileges) at their zoned school. This voluntary program provides students an opportunity to return to their grade level cohort and transition to high school on schedule. In a highly restricted classroom environment, students receive full academic services. An (ISP) Individual Success Plan is developed for each student to monitor the remediate plan for failed core courses, as well as be on track in the current academic year. The 1/10 student to teacher ratio allows for an intense focus on skill deficits and mastery of content.

504/PST Contact: James Neill