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Florida Seal of Biliteracy


Florida Seal of Biliteracy

Students have the opportunity to earn the Florida Seal of Biliteracy. This graduation distinction is earned with 4 years of a world language with a 3.0 average or the required score on an approved assessment. Eligible students must also earn the required ELA FSA score. The Seal of Biliteracy is intended to identify students with 21st  Century global and linguistic competency for prospective employers and college admissions. It is also intended to honor the multiple cultures and languages spoken within our communities. 

2023 Florida Seal of Biliteracy

Over 285 students graduated with the
Florida Seal of Biliteracy in 2023!!

4 Graduates Earned the Designation for Multiple Languages!!!

Pranati Pasumarthi - Gold for French and Hindi, Silver for Telugu - Spruce Creek High School

Rey Javier Fernandez - Gold for French and Spanish - DeLand High School

Lara Nicole Leuenberger - Silver for German and Spanish - Spruce Creek High School


Isabella Sophia Valbuena - Gold for French, Eligible for Spanish - Spruce Creek High School

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