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Work Based Learning


OJT, Internships, and Pre-Apprenticeships

Work-based learning experiences provide work experience and training to students at employers' work sites. Through work-based learning experiences, students have an opportunity to see firsthand how what they learn in school is applied in the real world. Students also develop skills in communication and problem solving and work-based experiences connect them with adults who act as positive role model. Work-based learning experiences give students a taste of career responsibilities on a day-to-day basis and hands-on training in a chosen career cluster area.

Work-based learning experiences at the work site contain the following elements:

  • A planned program of job training and work experience for students (which includes training related to pre-employment and employment skills) to be mastered at progressively higher levels and coordinated with learning in the school environment leading to the awarding of a skill certificate.
  • A sequence of activities that build upon one another, increasing in complexity and promoting mastery of basic skills.
  • Expose students to all aspects of an industry to promote the development of broad, transferable skills. 
  • Provide real tasks and assignments that push students to develop higher-order critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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