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Advanced Placement

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The College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a nationwide program consisting of more than 30 college-level courses and exams offered at participating high schools. Subjects range from art to statistics. Students who earn a qualifying grade of three or above on an AP exam can earn college credit, or AP credit, or both, depending on the college or university. Students in Florida' s public secondary schools enrolled in AP courses do not have to pay to take the exams.

Contacting your school counselor and subject area teachers when considering AP courses is always a good idea. Middle school students should take the most challenging academic course available to prepare for high school AP course work. Ninth and 10th grade students should also take challenging course work, making sure that they have completed prerequisite courses necessary for entrance into school-based AP programs. Successful completion of AP courses during high school begins with appropriate planning in middle school.

Advanced Placement courses are available at all high schools.  Contact your school counselor for more information or visit College Board Advanced Placement.