Volusia County Schools Earns Prestigious Cognia Accreditation

DELAND –– Volusia County Schools earned system accreditation by Cognia™, a nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools, school districts, and education service providers. Earning accreditation from Cognia means that the Volusia County school district and its schools are recognized across the nation as a school system that meets Cognia Standards of Quality and maintains a commitment to continuous improvement.

Overall, Volusia County Schools received an “Index of Education Quality” score of 385.48 out of a possible 400, which well exceeds COGNIA’s average score of 278-283 awarded to school systems in recent years. The VCS score of 385 is a 117-point increase from its 2015 accreditation score of 268. 

COGNIA, formerly known as AdvancED, conducted the Volusia County School System accreditation review from March 7-10, 2022. The accreditation review – undertaken every five years by the school system – is a highly detailed, data-driven, and all-encompassing review of the district and school practices. Based on evidence and over 359 stakeholder interviews, the review team rates the school system in standards covering leadership capacity, teaching and learning impact, and resource management.

Each of the 31 standards used to evaluate the three Domains: Leadership Capacity, Learning Capacity, and Resource Capacity, are reported within four ranges of insufficient, initiating, improving, and impacting. Volusia County Schools was awarded a rating of “impacting,” the highest rating, in 29 of the 31 Cognia standards, with the remaining two falling in the “improving” rating. Below is a breakdown of each domain’s average rating on a scale of 1-4. 

Cognia Review Team’s feedback included: 

  • “Everything relates back to the strategic plan.” 
  • Stakeholders’ positive and supportive comments regarding the district included “family, collaborative, community, proud, forward-thinking, resourceful, supportive, resilient, and dedicated.” 
  • “A strong sense of family, despite the large size and geographical areas.” 
  • “A large district structure that was very organized, well-focused, strategic, all headed in the same direction and unified.” 
  • “The implementation of sustainable systems and structures will lead the district to continued success. Success is already evident and will continue to increase”. 
  • “The district places a strong emphasis on using data to inform and make intentional academic decisions to better the system.”
  • “The district continues to adhere to a strong commitment of purpose, vision, and mission, designed to support learner engagement and academic and career attainment.”
  2022 Accreditation Review
Number of Standards VCS Rubric Score out of 4
Teaching and Learning Impact 12 3.67/4.00
Leadership Capacity 11 3.91/4.00
Resource Utilization 8 3.88/4.0