Volusia County School District and Volusia United Educators Reach Agreement

Group of business people sitting around a wooden table.

We are pleased to announce that Volusia United Educators and Volusia County Schools have reached an agreement regarding compensation for non-rostered teachers who serve as substitutes on an emergency basis. An MOU has been signed with the following terms:

  • Non-rostered teachers who are used to substitute on an emergency basis shall be eligible to receive compensation in amount of one hour of pay at their hourly rate on days they substitute.
  • To be eligible:
    • The teacher must be a non-rostered teacher who is substituting on an emergency basis. Those who are filling a vacancy or temporarily assigned to a position (in leu of their regular position) would not be eligible.
    • The teacher must substitute for at least one hour of the day (a class period at the secondary level).
  • Teachers should not be required to meet with groups or provide direct services associated with their regular position while substituting.

This agreement is effective October 28, 2021. If there are any questions regarding this announcement, please email Rachel Hazel (rbhazel@volusia.k12.fl.us) or Elizabeth Albert (elizabeth.albert@floridaea.org).