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The mathematics classrooms in Volusia County are powerful and enriching environments where students participate in active learning. The programs and practices that teachers implement are designed to meet individual learning styles in order to promote access and equity for all students. Students in the Volusia County mathematics classrooms have the opportunity to experience both rigor and relevance. Through the use of manipulatives, technology and teamwork, students develop an understanding and appreciation of mathematics to prepare students for a successful future. The next school year should be an exciting venture as teachers meet the challenges of preparing students for an increasingly service-oriented, information-based society, as well as increased mathematics graduation requirements.

Department Contacts

Dr. Tammy Dery
K-12 Mathematics Coordinator

Walesca Galagarza
K-12 Mathematics Office Specialist

Shari Goodenough
K-5 Mathematics Specialist

Jennifer Lastowski
High School Mathematics Specialist